Upcoming Events

Summer Musical Theater Camp

Experience the magic of musical theatre this summer with our specialized camp, led by a highly trained instructor. Designed for students of all ages, our program will guide you through the enchanting world of dance, singing, and acting. We offer two dynamic 5-week sessions, held Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM. Choose between our July session or our August session, or join us for both to maximize your summer theatre experience!

Fashion Design Classes

We are thrilled to offer both beginner and advanced courses designed to build confidence in fashion design and master the use of sewing machines and various techniques. These engaging group lessons will be held on Fridays and Sundays, starting in May 2024. Led by a highly trained instructor, our courses are perfect for young aspiring designers aged 5-10.

Kinder Music Program

Our program offers young children the chance to learn the fundamental elements of music from a highly trained instructor. Through engaging and interactive group lessons, children will experiment with various instruments including pianos, guitars, violins, flutes, tambourines, and more, as well as explore singing and the Suzuki method. This foundation will foster creativity and confidence, providing a great start for any budding musician. Classes will be held from 10 AM to 2 PM on Sundays and Fridays, beginning in Summer 2024.