Natalie’s School of Performing Arts offers private music lessons in singing (voice), piano, guitar, violin and trumpet. We conduct 4-5 classes in one month (varies by the month). The curriculum is designed to give students a strong foundation for excellence in the performing arts. Our students develop a robust work ethic and high standards of conduct that serves them in all their future endeavours.

How to Register

Email us at or call and text us Natalie’s SOPA at +1 (973)761-3760 to register over the phone.

Private Lesson Fees

All new private music students must attend a 15 minute evaluation to assess their skill level. The evaluation costs $25

All new private music students are also required to pay a one time $35 registration fee.


Excluding students that have just signed up, all lessons for the coming month must be paid for by the last day of the previous month. This serves as confirmation for the scheduled lesson and locks in a student’s time slot.

If lessons are not paid for by the last day of the previous month, a late fee will be applied to the cost of tuition after 5 days..

***Families are required to pay for a minimum of 4 lessons every month, no matter what. Those who break this rule risk expulsion from the school.***

*Families may opt-out of taking a 5th week of lessons where their assigned lesson day falls in a month with 5 of those days. This will result in no penalty.*