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Welcome to Natalie’s School of Performing Arts, where the journey to musical excellence begins with personalized guidance and passion-driven learning.  At our school, we offer private lessons in singing (voice), piano, violin, and guitar. All Natalie’s SOPA private lesson instructors are proficient in ear training, harmonizing, improvisation and sight singing. We offer a safe and productive learning environment for students by making sure that our professionals are qualified and are able to offer the highest quality education no matter the learning level.

The private music lesson curriculum offered by our school is tailored to fit the needs of every individual student. A family can opt to have their student learn at a relaxed pace, or ask for more rigorous preparation in anticipation of examinations, competitions, and or recitals. We handle the entire registration, submission, and support process for students every year, sending kids to participate in the Trinity College of London examinations and numerous other international music competitions which allow students the opportunity to perform at venues such as Carnegie Hall from a young age. Many of these programs offer college credits or letters of recommendation, something very desirable in our competitive community.

We have built our curriculum for all age groups and levels. We believe the study of performing arts and music offers the best pathway for self expression and personal achievement. It is our goal to provide the understanding and skills needed for each student to enjoy and appreciate their talent for a lifetime!

Private Music Lessons

Our private music lessons cater to aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels, providing an immersive and tailored experience that unlocks the full potential of each individual, because at Natalie’s SOPA we believe in the transformative power of one-on-one instruction. Our team of highly qualified and dedicated music educators is committed to nurturing your unique musical voice and helping you achieve your musical goals. Whether you’re a beginner eager to grasp the fundamentals or an advanced musician seeking refinement, our private lessons are crafted to meet your specific needs and accelerate your progress.

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Schedule a visit or evaluation by calling or texting us anytime at (973)761-3760. 

Emailing us at nataliessopa@gmail.com.

Our Inspiration

Natalie’s School of Performing Arts is the dream of a family that has been immersed in the world of music and performing arts for generations.  Inspired by the teachings of our dearly departed Natalie, our mission is to continue to provide the highest quality of music education available in the country. Whether helping prepare students for high level Trinity College of London Examinations or sending champions to perform at Carnegie Hall in various internationally acclaimed music competitions, we  have been proud to see our school’s students flourish.

A Message from our Dearly Missed Natalie Iosebidze

“Is singing for everyone?” – an important question for any beginner musician. I will tell you, yes. Every single person can be taught how to sing beautifully. Sounds like a fairy tale, but have you noticed that, for example, when people are celebrating together, they are often singing? Some can sing in harmony, in many voices. They are not musicians; they are regular people: a gas station worker, a doctor, a baker. They are taught to sing from a young age and grow up in a culture that believes that everyone can sing, that it is our birthright. Is everyone a professional singer? No, but singing is ingrained in our culture, and that is why I truly believe that anyone can do it.

My understanding is that everyone should listen and study music. People who love music will always be better off in life. I believe that music and sound have healing properties. Music is your health if you learn to feel it the right way. Music has to be in the life of your child from the moment they are born. Soothe your babies with music; it is better than a pacifier. This is a proven fact, by the way. The earlier you start, the better. Find teachers who will work with your child. You do not have to wait to study music; just start right away wherever you are. I grew up in Georgia, former USSR. When I came here, I was surprised that no one teaches kids seriously before they are 12. Yes, there are some techniques that you do not need when a child is young, but there is plenty you can do vocally with young children. In Georgia, children begin studying music at the age of three. Because of this, music is much less foreign and more exciting when the children grow and are ready for more in-depth concepts.

So what is singing? It can be one of the most exciting experiences in one’s life. The biggest fear for any beginner singer is stage fright. Are you in better shape if you can overcome that fear and gain confidence? The answer is obvious. Confidence on a stage leads to confidence in other aspects of life. The courage you gain from being on stage will carry on and prove your self-worth. Performing in front of an audience trains the skill of encouraging yourself; a vital skill for any adult. There is a saying that if you once inhale the dust of the stage, you will never leave it. By the way, the audience is on your side too; they want you to do as well as possible.

I love what I do. I always worked hard, but I’ve never been tired of what I do because of my love for music and children. Musicians are artists, and I am creating artists. That is what enriches my life and inspires me every day. When I am with my students, I feel that I am where I belong. The hundreds of students that I have taught can all sing well. Not only can they sing well, but they have all discovered their own unique style. That is because I do not use the same method for every student. While the skills I teach are the same, I teach children to become musicians, not karaoke singers. Not to say there is anything wrong with karaoke, but what I am trying to say is that all of my students develop their own style.

It is also important to use all of the tools at your disposal. The more you see and the more you hear, the more you will know. My students listen to a lot of current outstanding performers because every star has something unique that they can learn from. This is one of the ways I encourage my students to figure out their own style.

All famous musicians were once listening to others and then went on to create their own art. Imitation is part of the creative process. I tell my students to learn and listen to what is out there and that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, but you might create sparks. When you are able to take a song and give it your own flavor, the feeling can only be described as euphoric. In order to get my students to reach this point, I ask them questions similar to these: What do you like in this performance? What do you like about this singer? What do you like about the song? If they are learning a song, I ask them to go home and listen to all different performers and tell me which one they like and why they chose that particular one as their favorite. This way, I teach students to listen and analyze.

I have been a performer all my life, and I am an honored artist in my home country; however, teaching is my true passion and source of energy. I sing with all my students; I expand with them; I learn from them. A good teacher must be passionate about teaching; otherwise, they are just average. Find teachers who want your children to succeed, who are proud of the students’ accomplishments, who push students to their limits and beyond.

A Little Bit About Natalie

Natalie spent her early life singing in the Georgian Orthodox Church in the Republic of Georgia while it was still part of the Soviet Union. In her days as a young adult, she traveled the world on cruise ships singing across the globe to all lucky enough to hear her beautiful voice, and was a very popular singer in her home country. Natalie’s sister Eteri Iosebidze, co-founder Teona Koroshi’s mom, was also a famous pianist, singer, and composer in the Republic of Georgia, with several published records.

Natalie’s lifelong ambition, inspired by Broadway musicals and Hollywood, was to bring her family to America to achieve the American Dream. Through determination and hard work she was able to do it, bringing her entire family over and proceeding to teach multiple generations of talented individuals across the tri-state area how to sing and wow an audience, inspiring a legend that few could hope to match.

While few could match Natalie’s passion in teaching music, those who come closest to that standard are here, at Natalie’s School of Performing Arts.