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"Both my kids are taking lessons with Prof Tamara Delton for a year now and they have developed amazingly. My daughter is taking piano and voice and my son is taking piano lessons. Tamara is uniquely professional and knows how to work with kids. She is very dedicated to the kids and supportive. Tamara identifies how to work with each kid and develop their strengths. The school constantly provides performing opportunities. This school is a great place to be in both personally and professionally. The kids grow and develop constantly. Highly recommended very special school!" - Adi Naor

"Tamara is a great teacher who puts it so much effort in each and every student of hers. She also taps potential of her students in many different ways. Definitely recommend her and Natalie’s school of performance as your choice of music school for your child." - Tripti Kushwah

"It’s a great school with talented teachers who work with kid’s personalities very well. My daughter has been with Prof Delon and is picking up both piano and voice very well. Her love for music is continuously increasing and she looks forward to go to classes here." - Meenakshi Sharma

"The best school to help your child learn vocal, dance or instruments. Professionalism at its best." - King Gorgasa... view more