Tamara Delon

Piano/Vocal Instructor

Professor Tamara Delon is an instructor of music specializing in piano (Classical / Jazz / Pop) and voice (Classical/Musical Theatre / Pop / Jazz / Country / Rap). Tamara received her professional education in Europe. She worked at the Music & Drama State Theatre of Tbilisi, Georgia (Formerly part of Russia); which had both Broadway and... view more

Sherma Andrews

Vocal Instructor

Sherma Andrews was born the youngest in a musically gifted family living in the Caribbean Island ofTrinidad and Tobago. As a child prodigy, Sherma began playing the accordion at age 4. Her perfect pitch and her ability to play any song after only one listening led her to serve as the church organist at age 7. In retrospect, she was always destined for a bright future in music. Further, as a youngster, Sherma became.... view more

Veronica Kharchilava

Piano/Vocal Instructor

Veronica began her musical career after graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Graduate Music School of Performing Arts in Tbilisi and Studying at the Conservatory of Georgia in Tbilisi... view more

Teona Koroshi

Vocal Instructor

Teona is a vocal instructor educated and experienced in European singing technique. Teona started performing at a very young age, is famous in her native country the Republic of Georgia. One of the finalists in the X Factor of Georgia, she continues to perform at private events. Teona’s recent... view more

Olga Kosachevich

Violin/Viola/Suzuki/Piano Instructor

Olga Kosachevich graduated from Rivne State Humanitarian University – School of Arts (Ukraine) in 1986. Between 1986-1990, Olga had the opportunity to work as a performer, as a teacher at the Music School for Gifted and Talented (violin and piano), and as a conductor. She moved to the United States in 1990 where she spent more than 30 years working at the School of Ukrainian Studies, building her own music studio, and collaborating with different youth orchestras. She has also organized and managed various music events, recitals, and festivals. Olga is a member of ASTA (American String Teachers Association) and has prepared many students for successful auditions for regional and all state orchestras. Year after year, many of her students successfully complete the Certificate Program exam conducted by ASTA, Royal School of Music exam, and Trinity College.. view more

Kate Nemsitsveridze

Manager/Substitute Music Instructor

Kate is an accomplished professional with a comprehensive background in music education and management, having graduated from esteemed institutions both in Georgia and Europe. With her expertise, she seamlessly juggles roles as a manager and substitute music teacher... view more

Anya Kosachevich

Vocal Instructor

Anya Kosachevich is a Ukrainian-American Soprano born and raised in New Jersey. From the age of seven, she has been passionate about vocal performance and has had the opportunity to grow and develop through performing internationally across... view more